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Sharper Image personal minifan with flashlight

Sharper Image personal minifan with flashlight

Quick Take: The summer months can get hot, and not everywhere you go is going to have air conditioning. Plus, it's not easy (or even possible) to drag a full-size fan outside when you want a refreshing breeze. A lightweight minifan is the perfect way to cool yourself when you're far from a power outlet, and this one from Sharper Image costs just $10. It even includes a flashlight, which will come in handy after the sun has set. Better yet, the child-safe blades will prevent even the clumsiest user from having a painful accident. And for ultimate relaxation, this fan stands up on its own rubberized feet, letting you prop it up and kick back into laziness--what better thing to do on a hot summer day? The only downfall is that you can't use the fan and the light simultaneously.

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Sharper Image personal minifan with flashlight

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