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Samsung Star review:

Samsung Star

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Typical Price: $199.00
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The Good Lightweight. Bright touchscreen. Social networking sites linked automatically. Memory expandable via microSD.

The Bad Feels cheap. No 3.5mm input or headphone adapter. No 3G.

The Bottom Line Samsung's Star is an ideal budget phone for those wanting to dip their toes in the touchscreen pool but experienced users will find limitations.

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CNET Editors' Rating

7.2 Overall

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Design and features

Twinkle, twinkle, little star. The Samsung Star, that is, which is offered as a Virgin Mobile prepaid phone. It's a light and nimble creature, at just 93.8g and at first you almost expect the Star to have a slide out keypad given its svelte design and smooth curves. While it doesn't feel that well made, it survived a good week or so of being thrown around in one of the most dangerous environments we could think of — a handbag.

The 3-inch WQVGA (240x400) resistive touchscreen developed a few scratches during that time but nothing that impinged on its visibility. Included in the box is a stylus which can help navigate the small icons on the screen should your fingernails be lacking, but for the most part your digits can do the job adequately. Underneath the aforementioned screen sit three buttons, the first being a call button, the middle a back or home button, and lastly at the very end, an end call and power button which completes the front fascia.

Unfortunately there's no 3.5mm stereo jack so you're lumbered with the included headphones that plug into the dual-purpose power/headphone port. The port's cover is particularly flimsy so should you be caught in a moment of frustrated frenzy whilst trying to remove it from its precarious position you might accidentally rip it off.

Samsung Star

The user interface of the Samsung Star. (Credit: Samsung)

The handset's styling is somewhat similar to the original Omnia, with a few differences. Firstly, the Star feels cheaper and secondly, the specifications are not as fully fledged as the older phone; no 3G capability, for starters.

Along the side sits an expandable row of widgets, applications and common features that you may want to access, like the FM radio, as well as a myriad of social networking sites.

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