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Samsung R580 review:

Samsung R580

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Typical Price: $1,039.00
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The Good Elegant design. Powerful performance. One USB port for device charging.

The Bad Low battery life. Low screen resolution. Attracts fingerprint smudges. Huge and impractical for portable use.

The Bottom Line The R580 combines attractive design and performance grunt, but you can't take this desktop replacement notebook too far away from a power source for long.

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8.1 Overall

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At its size — 379.8x255.5x36.7mm — Samsung's R580 is never going to be anything but a desktop replacement. Most desktop replacements figure that if they're going to be bulky, they can get away with being heavy and plain, but the R580 is neither. At 2.6kg it's on the lighter side for its size, and the "Touch Of Colour" finish brings it aesthetically in sync with Samsung's existing TV lines, making this an attractive notebook. The deep red finish looks great on a desk or the largest of laps, although like all gadgets glossy and gleamy, it's also a magnet for fingerprint smudges, which rather spoils the illusion.

The R580 features a full keyboard including number pad. Laptops with number pads tend to have issues cramming in directional keys, often making them very titchy. Samsung's gone down an alternate route here with full-size cursor keys that jut into the space taken by the number pad, sitting directly underneath the 1 key and next to the 0 key. It's nice to have the space, but the layout means if you do a lot of cursor navigation be prepared for the occasional errant 1 or 0 to enter your workflow.

The touch pad on the R580 lights up when you touch it in order to identify where the edges are, as it sits flush with the wrist rest. The surface of the touch pad is rougher than the smooth wrist pad however, so this is more akin to lights for the sake of it. Some people will think it's natty, and others will loathe it.


Samsung offers the R580 in two configurations. There's an entry=level model that uses an Intel Core i3 330M (2.13GHz), but we tested with the higher-end model which utilises an Intel Core i5 520M (2.40GHz) processor. Combine that with 4GB of memory, a 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 330M graphics chip and a 500GB hard drive (albeit only a 5400rpm model) and you've got quite a powerful desktop replacement machine.

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