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Samsung PS50C7000 review:

Samsung PS50C7000

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Typical Price: $2,499.00
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The Good Excellent picture quality. Slim and very attractive. No ghosted images when viewed from the side. Full of features.

The Bad Poor sound. Blacks not quite as deep as rivals. 3D not the best.

The Bottom Line The Samsung PS50C7000 is one of the best plasmas on the market and boasts one of the most complete feature sets available. Not quite deserving of full marks, though.

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CNET Editors' Rating

8.4 Overall

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One of the most popular stories on CNET Australia was originally written way back in 2005 — Plasma vs LCD: which is right for you? — and while the article's seen changes and updates along the way, it's a subject people still want to know about. In the meantime, LCD has somehow morphed into something called LED, while to many people plasma technology seems much the same as it was back then.

But this hasn't stopped companies such as Panasonic, Samsung, and (up until 18 months ago) Pioneer innovating in plasma technology. While Panasonic currently rules the roost with its VT20 and V20 televisions, Samsung shows it has the chops to mix it with the Japanese with the C7000 series.


While it's had its imitators, Samsung has produced some striking televisions over the last few years, and in our opinion the C7000 is one of the best. While it lacks the stainless steel bling of the Samsung 9000 it has an attractive finish all of its own. The bezel is a brushed metallic plastic surrounded by a clear border, which is much swankier-looking than it sounds.

The TV attaches to the stand via a clear plastic column — in vogue at the moment — and the stand itself is one of the most reassuringly chunky we've seen in a long time. Our only problem here is that there is quite a bit of flex between the stand and the panel itself. It's highly unlikely to ever overbalance and topple over, but it's not very reassuring.

The remote itself is the brushed aluminum model we saw with the C7000 LCD. It's got backlit, laser-etched keys and is easy to use. We can only grumble that there's not enough distinction between the arrow keys and the Exit button, which can cause you to quit menus unexpectedly.


As this is a flagship plasma TV there is very little it can't actually do. Let us take a big breath as we attempt to describe the many cool things it can perform. Firstly, yes, it's a 3D TV, and thanks for asking. It can do 2D-to-3D conversion as well, but in our experience this is pretty horrible. Unless there's a bundling deal on at the time you read this you will need to buy glasses seperately.

Secondly, it does IPTV, and for us this is more compelling than 3D. You can currently stream YouTube, and in future you should be able to stream catch-up TV. While Samsung has said it's working with partners such as Bigpond and Nine, nothing has yet to appear.

After a quick flirtation with "Widgets", Samsung has now renamed its TV plug-ins the more universally accepted "Apps". Current apps include Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and Samsung has put out the call asking for developers to provide more. Whether they will given the allure of the upcoming Google TV is another thing.

As far as "other stuff", it does things such as 1080 FHD Motion, Motion Judder Canceller, PVR function with the addition of an USB disk and DLNA streaming.

To connect the internet you have a choice of either wired or wireless capability; to connect to the rest of your equipment you have four HDMI ports, two USB ports, a single component, an AV input and a VGA connector. Unfortunately, the ports are set in quite deeply, and so if you're wall-mounting you'll need to lift the TV up on its hinge to plug anything in.

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