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Samsung rolls out HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar

Samsung's curved soundbar matches the design of its curvy TV. Samsung

So you bought a crazily expensive curved TV and now you want a curved sound bar to go with it? No worries. Samsung's got you covered.

Samsung's HW-H7500 is the "first sound bar built with a curved form factor" and is designed to complement the company's range of 55- and 65-inch curved TV's. Like the flagship HT-ST7 and HT-ST5 sound bars from Sony, the 42mm device is wrapped in a brushed aluminium finish.

Not content with 5.1 or even 7.1 channels, the Samsung resurrects the "+1" initiative from its televisions to give you not an extra inch of screen size, but rather, 8.1 channels. Two of these drivers are side-mounted for additional "wide" effects during movies.

As is customary with most sound bars now, the HW-H7500 includes a wireless subwoofer. Like the Shape systems , the sound bar can also connect to recent Samsung TVs through the company's "TV SoundConnect" system without the need to connect cabling.

Samsung's says the Curved Soundbar is "perfect for wall-mounting" -- probably if you live in a turret or a lighthouse (!) -- and attaches to the stand under a curved UHD Samsung TV.

Samsung spoke to CNET at the IFA conference in Berlin last week, confirming the H7500 for an Australian launch with a price of AU$899, although with no firm timing.

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