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Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset review:

Razer Carcharias Gaming Headset

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Typical Price: $199.00
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The Good Old school, non "gamer" design. Comfortable ear pads. Braided fibre cable. Noise-cancelling microphone.

The Bad Can be a sweat farm. A bit bass-heavy.

The Bottom Line Gamers who want uber-flashy gaming headphones won't like the oddly named Carcharias, but those who don't want to glow in the dark will.

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8.3 Overall

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Professional gaming peripherals are an unusual business, and the design of gaming products tends to reflect this. Designers have to accomplish two main goals. No "professional" gaming product can be flimsy, which tends to lead to rather harsh and industrial looking products. At the same time, if you're going to lay down AU$199, you'll want something that'll stand out a bit. This usually equates, in gaming terms, to big, bright shiny labels, flashy LEDs or strange bits of protruding plastic.

What's odd about the Carcharias (leaving the name aside for a second) is that the design, while robust, is actually pretty sedate. The Razer Logo is imprinted in black on the black headband, making it virtually impossible to see from any kind of distance. The full ear coverage headphones are cushioned in black velvet-type fabric, which again doesn't hugely stand out. As such, they're not only gamer suitable — almost anyone who wanted a decent quality set of headphones could do well with the Carcharias.

The drop-down microphone is arguably the only part of the package which doesn't quite live up to the hardcore gamer billing. It's flexible, which is a nice touch, but feels to be made of a much cheaper plastic, and we have our doubts as to its survival in the longer term.

The final design note has to go to the name. For those not in the know, Razer tends to use shark names for its gaming headphone products, and Carcharias is indeed a shark. Most people are scared of sharks, so that's a great name, right?

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