Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone review:

Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone

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The Good Addictive. Cute. So many hours of play. Bargain. Hilarious plants and zombies almanac. Crazy Dave really is craaaazzzy.

The Bad Doesn't save game situation during calls. Too simple near the end. Wasted hours could be devoted to curing cancer.

The Bottom Line Cute, addictive and stupidly cheap. There's no good reason you wouldn't get this for your iPhone, unless you're missing fun glands.

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9.7 Overall

Thanks to addictive action and strategy of this iPhone game, whenever the zombie hordes come after this writer's brains, we'll be whipping out seed packets to defend ourselves and our loved ones.


The core action of Plants vs. Zombies is quite simple and not radically different to the PC version of the game. Your lawn is divided into a grid and each square can hold one plant. Zombies shamble up the rows of the grid toward your house and if they get past your defences, well, you know.

Plants vs. Zombies gameplay

Never has anything involving zombies been so damned cute.
(Credit: PopCap)

On the left-hand side of the screen there are a number of slots that house the various plants at your disposal. Setting a plant down in a square costs sunlight, a resource that falls intermittently from the sky, but can also be grown, somehow, by sunflowers. Your basic attack units shoot peas down the row that they are planted in, so you'll need one in each row before too long.


As you progress through the levels the zombies come in larger and larger waves, and there are naturally ever more sophisticated zombies, including ones that can pole vault, snorkel and drive icing machines. Helpfully the game gives you a new plant or skill each level to help you protect your grey matter.

Along the way you'll meet your neighbour Crazy Dave, a character who's happy to admit that the only reason he paid $1000 for a taco is because he's craaaaaazzzy, and who'll sell various plant upgrades and items to help to stem the tide of zombies.

Cherry bomb

(Credit: PopCap)

Partway through you'll be given an almanac detailing the strength and weakness of each plant and zombie. Not only is it informative, but it's a hilarious read in its own right. This is the almanac entry for the cherry bomb plant:

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