Panasonic DMP-BD45 review:

Panasonic DMP-BD45

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Typical Price: $229.00
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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Attractive styling Good remote control Excellent picture quality.

The Bad Lacks extra features.

The Bottom Line We like the Panasonic DMP-BD45, but, despite its good performance, its lack of Profile 2.0 support is inexcusable.

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7.0 Overall

If ever there were a player designed for people who've heard about Blu-ray and like the idea of high-definition movies, but don't know much about the format, the Panasonic DMP-BD45 is it. This Profile 1.1 model offers virtually no special features, looks the same as every other Panasonic Blu-ray player and will do the job of playing movies just fine.

Keep it simple

If you want to buy a simple Blu-ray player as a gift for relatives, or you're the sort of person that doesn't care about having tonnes of extra features, then the DMP-BD45 is very likely to suit you. The back of the machine is bare, apart from an HDMI output and an optical digital audio connector. You also get composite video outputs, but we can't understand why Panasonic has bothered with these — no budget-conscious consumer is going to spend AU$229 on this machine only to use it as a standard DVD player.

On the front, there are USB and SD-card sockets. These are primarily intended for playing back photos and video captured by Panasonic camcorders and cameras. This is great if you live in the Panasonic universe, and we're always pleased to see joined-up thinking from companies keen to give users a good experience. The player also supports DivX HD video, but we're struggling to think of a real-world use for this frankly, as not much video uses this format.

Clean-cut styling

Like its siblings, the DMP-BD45 is a good-looking player. It's compact and won't eat up too much of the valuable space beneath your TV. It's a half-depth design, so stacking stuff on top of it is out of the question, unless said stuff is also half-depth.

You can play back movies and photos via the SD-card and USB slots on the front of the machine. (Credit: CNET UK)

The front of the machine looks neat and tidy. The disc tray is hidden behind a drop-down covering, which keeps the player looking uniform and well-balanced. There are two buttons on the top — the one on the left-hand side is a power button, and the other ejects the disc tray. It seems odd that the eject button is on the opposite side of the player to the disc tray itself, while the power button is above the tray. Surely this is going to lead to people switching the player off when they actually want to get the disc tray back in.

On the front, alongside the player's basic LED screen, are a pair of play and stop buttons, which will prove handy if you just want to stop and start playback and can't lay your hands on the remote control. The remote supplied with this player is exactly the same as every other remote Panasonic has ever made — in a word, it's fine.

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