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Onkyo TX-SR804

/ Updated: 28 February 2007, 10:25 pm AEDT

Onkyo TX-SR804

The Onkyo TX-SR804 ($1,000 MSRP) is a 7.1 A/V receiver with switching for two HDMI inputs. We haven't reviewed this model yet, but we have reviewed the step-down TX-SR674 ($700 MSRP). The two receivers are very similar, but the TX-SR804 adds a few features, including THX certification, slightly higher wattage, and another optical digital audio input. A couple of enhancements are geared towards enthusiasts, such as pre-outs, a phono input for a turntable, and an RS-232 port. Whether these upgrades are worth the extra $300 depends on your preferences, but we think the less expensive TX-SR674 will probably be enough for most people. The TX-SR804 is available in silver or black finishes.

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Where to Buy

Onkyo TX-SR804 (silver)

Part Number: TX-SR804/S Released: 8 Dec 2006

Visit manufacturer site for details.

Quick Specifications See All

  • Regional specs shown for US. AU specs are unavailable.

  • Release date 8 Dec 2006
  • Type AV receiver
  • Functions AV receiver
  • Sound Output Mode Surround Sound
  • Frequency Response 5 - 100000 Hz
  • Color silver
  • Functions AV receiver
  • Additional Features Midnight Mode
    auto sound calibration
    multi-room audio output
    on-screen display
    source direct