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Nokia E66 review:

Nokia E66

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Typical Price: $679.00
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The Good Solid and attractive build. HSDPA, Wi-Fi and A-GPS. Excellent productivity tools.

The Bad Smaller battery compared to E71. Accelerometer can be a nuisance.

The Bottom Line While we like the E71 better, the E66 is a great smartphone with class leading features. If you want the functionality of a business phone without the bulk of a PDA form factor, the E66 is the phone you've been looking for.

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CNET Editors' Rating

9.0 Overall

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At the beginning of the movie RoboCop a regular policeman is covered in shiny metal and becomes a super policeman, a RoboCop, if you will. That's a tremendously watered down version of the tragic start to this film, but in similarly simplistic terms we can see how Nokia has improved last year's popular E65 smartphone: they've covered it in shiny stainless steel and made it sleeker and sexier.

Yet, physically speaking, there is still so much of the E65 in the E66. From the size of the handset, to the placement of the menu keys, to the tiny phone-shaped speaker above the screen. Just as you can recognise Officer Alex Murphy in the RoboCop outfit, so too can you easily see the E65 in the E66. This newer model is marginally longer to accommodate the larger 2.4-inch colour screen, and is ever-so-slightly thinner, measuring in at 13.5mm deep.

The build quality of the E66 is outstanding. The handset as a whole feels solid and has a pleasing weight, and similar to the E71, the battery cover is textured with an appealing dimpled grid. The sliding mechanism on the E66 is smooth and controlled, feeling similar to the slider on the AU$1,800 Nokia 8800 Arte.

With its sleek slider design, and lack of QWERTY keyboard, the E66 is the business phone to appeal to people who want the flexibility of a smartphone without necessarily having a serious business intention, or who hate the larger form factors of most business phones. As such, the E66 features a 2.5mm headphone port and a microSD card slot for expanding the phone's memory and filling it up with music and videos. The E66 isn't a media phone, strictly speaking, but it is more than capable of busting out some tunes on public transport.

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