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Nokia 6760 Slide review:

Nokia 6760 Slide

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Typical Price: $479.00
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The Good Good suite of messaging tools. Access to Ovi Store. Decent 3.2-megapixel camera. Well-spaced QWERTY keyboard.

The Bad Cramped navigation panel. Lacklustre screen. 2.5mm headphone socket. Muffled earpiece speaker.

The Bottom Line Awkward design choices spoil an otherwise excellent phone for people who rate messaging features over calling or web browsing.

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CNET Editors' Rating

6.0 Overall

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Twitter junkies and Facebook fiends, this one is for you. A budget-priced slider with a full-QWERTY keyboard is just what the doctor ordered to cure that aching texting thumb, plus Nokia has bundled some handy apps to boot. The QWERTY keyboard is surprisingly well-sized, with each key about 1cm in length, making it extremely easy to hit the right key when tapping out long messages.

The navigation panel isn't as well-spaced, with nine buttons (four shortcuts and a five-way nav key) crammed into a tiny area under the phone's screen. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that the shortcut buttons are basically one big button, and we found ourselves constantly pressing two buttons rather than one every time we tried to use them.

The Slide's 2.4-inch QVGA screen does the job it's intended to do, but the QVGA resolution is starting to look a bit outdated, along with Nokia's Series 60 operating system. It's fine for most day-to-day tasks but we wouldn't recommend it for extended use of the web browser or for media playback. Also, painfully, Nokia has chosen to use a 2.5mm headphone socket, rather than a standard 3.5mm connection. This limits you to the bundled headphones, unless you choose to splash out on an adapter.


The focus here is on messaging, all kinds of messaging. Whether it's just basic text messaging, emailing mates, instant messaging or keeping up on Twitter, MySpace and Facebook, the 6760 should cover all communication needs. Out of the box the Slide sports MSN messenger, Facebook and My Space, plus it also has an app called Friendster in case you need a new online addiction.

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