Navman MY60T review:

Navman MY60T

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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Landmark guidance. Large, but not too large screen.

The Bad Bus lane cameras incorrectly coded as speed cameras. Lane guidance limited to motorways.

The Bottom Line

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8.0 Overall

Note: This article is based on our review of the top-of-the-range Navman MY75T. The initial review has been modified to suit as the MY60T has a slightly smaller screen and reduced feature list.


The matte 4.7-inch resistive touchscreen does it job well — the top-of-the-range MY75T has a 5-inch screen — and we had no problems viewing the screen in bright sunlight or with polarised sunglasses on. The compact windshield mount does its job well despite the rough Sydney road network, and unlike the mount for the entry-level EZY30 and EZY40, there's no need to fuss around threading the mini-USB plug through the mount.


The stark spartan look of the map screen from preceding generations remains. Tapping the map screen brings up a menu that lets the user adjust the volume, add/skip waypoints, zoom, detour and reroute, as well as view the current route.

To access the main menu one has to use a physical Menu button that brings up a suite of Windows Phone 7-style icons — there's also a physical Pin button that saves your current location to a recent destinations list, just by the by. Using a MY-series GPS is pleasant now that the slide-to-scroll interface, off-screen windows and history confusing clicks with swipes have all thankfully consigned to history's dustbin.

Destination entry is easy to do via the keyword feature, so long as you're not searching for, say, a George Street.

Performance and features

Features-wise there's the commonplace items, like text-to-speech, lane guidance, junction view, traffic messaging and automatic day/night mode switching. On top of which there's also verbal camera and school zone warnings.

Along the top edge of the MY range is a on/off/reset slider. On the top-of-the-range MY75T start up from sleep takes about 13.5 seconds, while there's a 35 second wait after a full reboot.

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