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Navman Move 30 review:

Navman Move 30

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Typical Price: $79.00
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The Good Landmark Guidance remains excellent. Small and easy to stow in your glovebox.

The Bad Slow calculations. Screen is terrible.

The Bottom Line You get what you pay for with the Move 30. You don't pay much, but you don't have to pay much more to get much better. At this price point we'd lean towards smartphone-based GPS instead.

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6.3 Overall

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Navman pitches the Move 30 as "the perfect GPS system for those who want solid navigation at an affordable price".

Affordable is, as always, the nice marketing way of saying that this is Navman's budget GPS. It's pretty easy to find it online for around AU$79, which is exceptionally cheap for a satellite navigation unit, but it's against that budget matrix that it's fair to judge it. Budget usually means that corners have been cut to meet a price point.

One thing you won't get in the Move 30 is a particularly large screen or, for that matter, a particularly good one. The Move 30 has a 4.3-inch touchscreen, which means that your smartphone most likely has larger screen dimensions than it does. Given the Move 30's overall dimensions, your smartphone is probably a little thinner too.

Screen reflectivity is a major issue with this particular unit. At default daylight brightness, we had trouble making out detail until we pumped up the brightness to full whack. Even then, if we popped a pair of sunglasses on, it was still a little murky.

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