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Navig8r Sports Camera 1080p review:

Navig8r Sports Camera 1080p

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Typical Price: $149.95
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The Good Large touchscreen. Standard tripod mount on camera and waterproof case.

The Bad Poor image and video quality. Our kit shipped without the vital helmet mount. Difficult to use touchscreen to change settings.

The Bottom Line The Navig8r Sports Camera looks good on paper but is let down by below-average video quality and cheap mounting options.

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5.5 Overall

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When it comes to cheap gadgets, the mantra is usually "you get what you pay for". There's no better example than the Navig8r Sports Camera.

Design and features

The Navig8r cameras come in a variety of flavours from 720p recording to a Full HD "pro" kit. This review is for the 1080p version that sits in the middle of the range.

The Navig8r looks cheaper than its fellow inexpensive counterparts, such as the Kaiser Baas X80 and Kogan Action Camera. There's a lot of plastic, cheap flaps and a lightweight body build. To further this impression, our review unit actually shipped without one of the key components to the accessory kit -- the main helmet mount itself.

Some awkward makeshift mounts ensued, including our particular favourite -- gaffer-tape mount. Read: stick the camera to whatever surface we can with lots and lots of tape.

Fortunately, there is a standard tripod thread on both the camera and the waterproof case itself. The camera should ship with the following items in the box:

  • Handlebar mount
  • Suction-cup mount
  • Helmet mount and strap
  • Waterproof housing, adhesive mount and safety tether
  • Remote control

On top of the helmet mount going missing, the suction-cup mount also broke during our review period. The nut that was holding the joint in place simply fell out when we weren't looking, which made it impossible to tighten the screw.

The waterproof casing is also a little less resistant to the elements than competing models, only able to be submerged up to 3 metres underwater.

Around the back of the camera is a 2.4-inch resistive touchscreen, as well as a button that turns the display on and off as needed. At the top, two physical buttons are used to turn the camera on and off, as well as to start and stop video recording or still images.

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