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Motorola EM330 review:

Motorola EM330

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Typical Price: $99.00
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The Good Affordability. Simple design. Touch-sensitive display. 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Bad Average sound quality. Interface can be slow in some areas. Awkward placement of headphone port.

The Bottom Line The EM330 does most things well, but nothing that stands out in this ever-increasing market of music playing phones. For each positive aspect to the EM330, it has its negatives. However, for just AU$99 it's a great deal for teenagers or adults that just want a simple phone that can play their MP3s.

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7.0 Overall

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What has a touch-sensitive external display for music playback? That is, besides Sony Ericsson's W380i. OK, let's try that again: what is (at the time of writing) AU$200 cheaper than the W380i (though slightly less fashionable looking)? The Motorola EM330. This small and unassuming clamshell mobile phone has an external display with touch-sensitive screen, and is framed by a brushed metal aluminium casing.

Along the left side of the EM330 are two clear plastic buttons for the volume and a smart key function. Just below these, hidden under a rubber flap, is the mini-USB port for charging and connecting to the PC. On the opposite side is the 3.5mm headphone port, which is great should you want to use your own stereo headset, but unfortunately due to the placement of this jack it makes it a little awkward to put the phone in your pocket while you're listening to music.

Inside the EM330 is your standard keypad — in almost all black. The keys are large enough for big stubby fingers and are to easy find without looking at the keypad. The five-way navigation keys have music playback controls and just beside them is a prominent red button for quick access to your music library.

Motorola's supplied headphones are of decent quality and also enable hands-free phone operation, which is nice to have ... if the button on the headset to answer calls wasn't so slow to respond.

The EM330 has an internal memory of 30MB with an option to expand to 2GB with a microSD card. Unfortunately to insert a memory card, you have to remove the back cover.

The phone's target market is the music crowd, and so is able to play most music formats (eAAC+/MP3/MPEG-4/H.264/3GP/WAV/AAC/AMR/XMF/AAC+/H.263/MIDI). With drag and drop capability, it doesn't take long to transfer music files to the EM330, so you'll be bopping to your music in no time.

There is also the customary 1.3-megapixel camera which most phones wouldn't dare neglect to include.

One great feature of the EM330 is its ability to record FM radio in mono, which you can then use for a ringtone. We wouldn't recommend using the recordings for anything else because the quality is pretty poor.

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