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Metal Gear Solid Touch

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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Encourages replays to collect all unlockables. Superb visuals and sound. Quick reference for all MGS games.

The Bad Imprecise controls. More an exercise in finger swiping than a real game. No real depth.

The Bottom Line Finicky controls and no real game to speak of make this Metal Gear game less than solid.

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3.5 Overall

We've been big fans of the Metal Gear Solid series on games consoles as you can see from our past reviews, but the same can't be said about the mobile version Metal Gear Solid Mobile. So we weren't expecting much from the company's latest iteration, Metal Gear Solid Touch, which turned out to be a remake of an antique arcade game with a fresh coat of paint.

Our first thought when we played Metal Gear Solid Touch was that we were playing a graphically updated version of the arcade classic Duck Hunt. But then we realised we were being a little harsh — Metal Gear Solid Touch has depth of field, so it's not Duck Hunt, it's the 1994 classic Virtua Cop.

We're not being facetious here; it really does play like the titles mentioned. In Metal Gear Solid Touch you shoot targets that pop up at random while cowering behind cover. Enemies (including "Gekko" unmanned walkers), private military contractors ("mercenaries") and helicopter gunships require you to swipe your finger across the screen to aim a reticle at them. To fire off a quick burst with your assault rifle, or a single shot with your sniper rifle or RPG launcher you tap the reticle. Except the ridiculously hard to kill boss characters (such as Laughing Octopus), enemies go down fairly fast, which is good as the controls are so finicky it takes a while to line up a shot (especially with your assault rifle). There are friendly support soldiers that unfortunately look very similar to enemy soldiers, so it is easy to accidentally shoot a friendly and lose health.

RPG launchers, health and camouflage appear as random objects to shoot, gifting you with rewards (more on that later). With the exception of the RPG, a weapon necessary for taking out helicopters in under a lifetime, neither of the pick ups appears particularly useful, as you're given a very generous amount of time before enemy soldiers start shooting. Ducking behind cover allows you to regenerate health, but unless you insist on standing in front of a firing helicopter gunship, you probably won't need to do that.

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