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Marantz SR5005 review:

Marantz SR5005

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The Good Excellent surround sound. Plenty of power on tap. Stylish looks.

The Bad Barebone features. Black-and-white interface. Switching between HDMI sources is slow. Set-up routine is terrible. Remote control.

The Bottom Line The Marantz SR5005 receiver performs well with music and movies, but doesn't do enough for the price.

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CNET Editors' Rating

7.3 Overall

Marantz has long had a reputation for "high-end" equipment, and this was cemented last year when it decided to drop budget receivers from its range. As a result of this, the SR5005 is now the company's entry-level model.


Marantz receivers have always been as much about the aesthetics of the product as it has been the sound. Marantz products seem to ooze sophistication, and its latest designs are quite desirable.

We were quite impressed by the looks of Pioneer's LX83, but where that receiver was quite "masculine" the SR5005 is quite a bit softer. The edges are curved and constructed from moulded resin, while the front of the unit is brushed aluminium. Stare at its segmented fascia and two control knobs and it could start to look like Wall-E. Oh, that's just us? Best listen to it instead.

The learning remote control is fairly basic looking and, unfortunately, it isn't the easiest to use. For example, it's hard to tell which mode it's in most of the time and have to keep pressing the "Amp" button to get any function to work. While the remote is backlit, you need to press "Set" and "On" together to turn it on; something you'd only know how to do from reading the manual.


The Marantz SR5005 features a 7.1-channel amplifier with 100W of power per channel. The receiver will decode all of the latest sound formats, and it supports 3D equipment and the Audio Return Channel (ARC) built into new TVs.

The system features a USB port for connecting an iPod, iPhone or other MP3 player, and Marantz also offers an optional Bluetooth adapter for connecting wirelessly. If you want Apple's AirPlay or other networking features, you'll have to purchase either the NA7004 network player or trade up to the flagship SR7005 receiver.

Further connectivity includes four HDMI inputs, three components and five composite inputs on the video side. For audio you get six analog stereo, 7.1 analog in/out, three digital opticals and two digital coaxial. The amp also features an Audyssey MultEQ microphone.

Marantz GUI

We thought black-and-white GUIs died with the VCR (Credit: CBS Interactive )

When it comes to video-related features, the company is a little behind its competitors, especially when it comes to the user interface — it's black and white. Marantz hasn't changed this in the past eight years. Like most modern receivers, the Marantz can also upscale incoming video to 1080p.

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