Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller review:

Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller

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Typical Price: $399.95
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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Feels sturdy. Long whammy bar. Aesthetically pleasing.

The Bad Broader and deeper neck makes play more difficult. Frets and strum bar feel a bit sticky. Requires USB dongle on PS3. More expensive than the entire Guitar Hero World Tour super bundle.

The Bottom Line Despite looking great, a few annoyances and a massive price makes the Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller difficult to recommend to anybody.

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6.5 Overall

One of the fastest growing trends in gaming over the past few years has been the rise of the rhythm genre. While games utilising plastic instruments were around long before Activision's Guitar Hero, it wasn't until the first Guitar Hero game came out that Western audiences jumped on board. Since then the momentum has grown with each game, with several iterations of the Guitar Hero franchise already being released this year, and even more games due out in the latter half. There has also been the burgeoning mass of third-party accessories from guitar bags to smoke machines, so it's not too surprising that one of the world's largest peripheral makers, Logitech, has jumped on-board releasing a premium guitar.


The Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller looks great. The faux tuning pegs, machine heads and strap buttons are all made out of metal and have a silver finish. The neck of the guitar is made out of wood, the fretboard rosewood, and to complete the look it has metal frets and a plastic nut, just like a real guitar. It even weighs like the real thing, the additional heft bringing you that bit closer to virtual rock god status.

The body of the guitar, while not officially licensed, is shaped similarly to Fender's Stratocaster. PlayStation 2 and 3 players get a glossy piano black, making it a fingerprint collector; while Xbox 360 gamers will get an orange and white combo, which may not be to everyone's tastes. Regardless of the gaming platform, Logitech has made the strum bar slightly longer and moved it closer to the Star Power and Select buttons, both integrated into the pick-ups, while the whammy bar and start button are situated on the mock-bridge.

Below all those buttons is the multi-directional PlayStation or Xbox menu button, which is almost identical to the one that appears on the official guitars, not that there's any real problem with that, given its simplicity to use.

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