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Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 review:

Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700

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Typical Price: $149.95
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The Good Almost silent cooling fan. USB powered. Great for watching movies.

The Bad Heavier than you'd imagine. Speaker position is not great for music. No room for a wireless mouse.

The Bottom Line If you're a laptop multitasker who browses the web while watching TV, then the N700 is great for you, and its internal speakers may just have you flicking off the tube and watching videos on your laptop instead.

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CNET Editors' Rating

8.5 Overall

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Design and features

When we first started asking about the different laptop lapdesks used by people we know, we received several replies telling us that this task was being undertaken by nothing more than the humble Kmart Stable Table. Originally designed for eating hot meals off one's lap, the Stable Table is a near-perfect design for a notebook lapdesk, except that it is totally devoid of anything cool.

Enter the Logitech N700 — even its name has a technological ring about it. In a weird sort of way, the N700 feels directly descended from the Stable Table, with its size and flat plastic surface on top of a rounded, cushioned pillow for your lap. But let's not sell it short in this comparison, the N700 has a few nifty tricks that send the Stable Table rocketing into the 21st century.

Firstly, there is the Lapdesk's internal fan, an essential element for any notebook desk. And it's an impressive fan; it's whisper-quiet and does a good job of keeping your lap from sweating profusely while catching up with the latest Failblog videos on YouTube. This seems to be the fan's main function, as keeping the laptop cool isn't something it does particularly well. We tested the N700 with a HP Mini 210 netbook, a mini PC we love except for the volcanic temperature emitted from its underside. The N700 creates an excellent barrier, but if you actually lift the laptop and feel underneath it, the heat is still very much there.

Unlike most of the other lapdesks you might have come across, the N700 is also packing stereo speakers to hijack your laptop's unbearably tinny audio output. Scanning the N700 you'll find four speaker grilles; two on the top left and right of the tray, and two facing out the back of the unit. This positioning is interesting, and not the best location for speakers playing your favourite music, though we suspect this is a secondary use for them. The main purpose of the N700's audio out is for blasting the sound in videos, and for this use it is spot on.

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