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Linksys' WRT32X is its first gaming router, and has a built-in Killer Mode

Combining customized Linux firmware and Killer networking features, the new router promises the best gaming experience imaginable.


The Linksys WRT32X's paint job will fit in perfectly in many gamers' bedrooms.


Linksys' stackable WRT design has been making a comeback as general home routers in the last few years, starting with the WRT1900AC. Now it ventures into the gaming realm as the company unveiled today, here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the Linksys WRT32X MU-MIMO Gigabit gaming router.

Killer Mode

If you're a hardcore gamer, you probably know the Killer line of networking features, made by Rivet Networks, a vendor that makes network adapters for gaming PCs. Linksys says the new WRT32X router uses enterprise-grade hardware to build a platform that delivers the best online gaming experience, by combining customized Linux firmware with Killer networking features.

This built-in "Killer Mode" can automatically detect a Killer-enabled computer, then syncs its Killer engine to the Killer Network Manager on the PC. This means that not only the computer itself but the entire network, hosted by the WRT32x, is tuned for the best gaming experience.

But the router doesn't just work for games only. Linksys says while it prioritizes gaming traffic, it also include features that allows other online activities like streaming or downloads to work smoothly. It's also smart enough to prioritize only the actual gaming traffic and not all traffic related to games. Downloading a patch for a game, for example, will be treated as a regular download and not automatically prioritized.

Powerful hardware

Other than that, the WRT32X is a powerful AC3200 router that runs a 1.8GHz dual-core processor and has the combined Wi-Fi bandwidth of 3,200 megabits per second. It also supports MU-MIMO and dynamic frequency selection (DFS) and is open source-ready with OpenWrt and DD-WRT right out of the box.

The WRT32 is slated to be available in the spring in the US and will cost $300. UK and Australian availability were not announced, but that converts to £245 or AU$415.

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