LG FB164DAB Micro System

The Good Built-in digital radio. USB playback. USB recording (though low quality). AM and FM tuner.

The Bad Sound may be too bass heavy for some. Limited on-board display. Limited EQ presets.

The Bottom Line The LGFB164DAB is an attractive and viable audio companion to a home theatre set-up, providing integrated CD and DVD playback as well as digital radio.

Editors' Rating
8.0 Overall


LG FB164DAB Micro System

Big is beautiful, the bigger the better, big foot ... all are sayings which were most likely applied to the LGFB164DAB during its inception. This system is one of the larger (and heavier) integrated hi-fi units we have tested, providing functionalities like iPod connectivity, digital and analog radio, as well as CD and DVD playback from within the one unit.

It's also a bit of a looker, if piano black and electric blue accents are your thing. At the front, a touch-sensitive panel with a circle in the centre glows every time a part is touched. And given its response, this is something you'll want to be doing again and again: just mind the fingerprints. From this circle you can control playback options as well as adjust the volume.

The system features a slot-loading CD/DVD player at the top of the unit, just behind which is a USB port (more on this later) and a sliding flap that reveals the iPod dock connector. The remote is full of control options, which gives a clue to this system's other life: as a DVD player when hooked up to a TV.

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Get better sound from your AV receiver using your smartphone

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