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Klipsch iGroove SXT review:

Klipsch iGroove SXT

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The Good Compact iPod speaker; attractive design; good sound; relatively affordable; S-Video output for older video-enabled iPods.

The Bad No radio, clock, or alarm; video output not compatible with iPhone and current generation of video iPods; remote has limited functionality.

The Bottom Line Klipsch's entry-level iGroove SXT iPod speaker system may be short on features, but it delivers a big, muscular sound considering its compact size.

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CNET Editors' Rating

7.0 Overall
  • Design 8.0
  • Features 5.0
  • Performance 8.0

As of early 2008, Klipsch offers two single-chassis iPod speaker systems: the RoomGroove, which offers compatibility with the company's wireless "KlipschCast" feature, and the iGroove SXT, its no-frills entry-level model. That said, the relatively affordable iGroove SXT doesn't look or feel cut-rate. As soon as we put our iPod into the dock and the music started playing, we appreciated the little system's relatively full sound and keep-it-simple approach.

The top edge of the front panel has just three buttons: volume up, volume down, and power. The rest of the front is covered with a nonremovable black cloth grille, and the iPod dock is centered on the lower edge. It's a rather handsome design. The iGroove SXT measures a compact 4.75 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 4.6 inches deep and weighs a mere 4 pounds, but the plastic cabinet feels sturdy and solid. Like virtually all iPod speakers, the iGroove SXT recharges nearly any iPod with the standard 30-pin connection when the player is docked, and it comes with a set of tray adapters so players of varying sizes will fit snugly. The iGroove SXT requires AC power, so it's not truly portable, but it's small enough to be moved easily from room to room.

Klipsch is known for its "horn" loaded stereo and home theater speakers, and it's applied that technology to the iGroove SXT's 0.75-inch tweeter to increase its efficiency, dynamic range, and minimize floor and tabletop reflections that would adversely affect its sound. Klipsch is the only iPod speaker manufacturer we know of to incorporate horn tweeters. The iGroove SXT also has a pair of 2.5-inch woofers (the sides of the cabinet have slotted ports to enhance bass response). As for the stereo system's power rating, it isn't specified, other than to say it's a Class D (digital) amplifier.

Around the back of the unit you'll find an S-Video output for displaying your iPod videos on a TV and an auxiliary (line-in) input to hook up other audio devices--anything with a headphone or line-out jack will work. However, we should point out that the video output is only compatible with the earlier generation of video iPods--not the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, or video-enabled Nanos.

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