Jabra BT5020 review:

Jabra BT5020 Headset with Bluetooth Hub

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Typical Price: $329.00
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The Good Integrates with both mobile and landline. Simple design. Good battery life on headset.

The Bad Headset is large. No supplied lifter.

The Bottom Line The lack of a phone headset lifter makes this headset/hub combo less intriguing than it really should be.

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6.8 Overall

There are those who love Bluetooth headsets, and those that don't. Of the latter camp, many protest that you tend to look rather too much like a poseur when wearing one, as if the effort of answering your phone manually is too much &mdash or as if you really wanted to be in the next Star Trek movie, but couldn't quite make it in the props department.

If you are in that latter camp, you'll positively loathe the BT5020, a Bluetooth headset that's designed to be worn even more frequently than regular Bluetooth headsets, thanks to the inclusion of a desktop Bluetooth Hub that connects directly to your landline phone, whether that's just a regular PSTN number, PABX or VoIP. The idea is that you wear one headset for all calls, as the headset can simultaneously pair with the hub and your Bluetooth capable mobile phone.

The supplied headset &mdash it's the part that actually carries the BT5020 moniker &mdash isn't exactly subtle in its design, and we were somewhat amused by Jabra's description of it as "designed for discreet style". It's fairly big, but at only 16g it is quite light, and will fit easily into either ear. The controls on the headset are paradoxically quite small despite its large size &mdash and there's also a significant catch here for desktop phones, which we'll get to shortly.

The Bluetooth Hub (the A7010, if product numbers excite you) looks like it had a former life as a notebook battery, but then, it's designed as basic telephony equipment; more of the A7010's designated market would likely be repelled by it if it were covered in a flowery pastel or "designer" pattern than the simple design it carries.

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