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Instagram review:

Video features keep Instagram on top

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With a recent update, Instagram now lets you import an existing video from your library. Not all file types are supported, but for its part, the app can handle whatever mobile video you throw at it. The feature lets you scrub through your video to mark the start and end points you want, but of course, it limits you to 15 seconds. For now, Instagram only lets you import one video at a time, but perhaps in the future, the app will add basic editing features so you can cobble together multiple clips.

It's important to note that with the video-creating functions comes an influx of videos to your Instagram feed. And what many may not like is that as of now, there is no way to filter the videos out. Videos and still photos are mashed together into a single feed, which can get annoying if you're only looking for one or the other.

Explore others' photo and video moments
Even with just the features mentioned, this free app would already be easy to recommend, but a couple of added features make it even better. Once signed up with Instagram, you can follow other Instagram users on the Feed page, which shows recent images taken by you and your friends. Here you can comment and "like" photos and Facebook integration means you can also "like" it on Facebook. Switch tabs to look at a Popular list that shows all the most popular Instagram images from all users. You can search for tags and users in the recently added Explore section. You also can look at a News tab, which shows the latest actions by your connected friends (liked, commented, or otherwise), so you can see what your friends are currently looking at. These features make Instagram an app you might look at every day, just to see what your friends are up to.

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Location features
Instagram also can categorize your photos and videos by location. The app automatically gathers all your past Instagram media where you activated geotagging and puts them on a map so you and your followers can browse by location. The app defaults to showing all geotagged images and videos (once you have given the OK), but you can select or deselect photos and videos if you don't want certain locations to show on the map. With the new features, people will have a Photo Map button in their profile pages that you can touch to show a map of all their images.

It's important to note that sometimes you won't want to post location information (like where you live) to the public. Parents of kids who use Instagram would be wise to make sure their kids do not geotag their photos and videos for the same reason. With that said, this interface change makes it so your work doesn't disappear down the endless feed and gives people a much easier way to see all the images you have created.

Instagram is an excellent way to take retro-looking photos and videos and share them with anyone. The popularity of the app gives you tons of content to browse and offers the possibility that your photos and videos will be seen by a large number of people.

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