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HTC Wildfire S review:

HTC Wildfire S

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Typical Price: $149.00
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The Good Solid, sturdy design. HTC Sense user interface. Responsive touchscreen.

The Bad Navigation buttons easy to press accidentally. Sluggish performance beyond basic tasks.

The Bottom Line The HTC Wildfire S is a small, classy smartphone that's great for basic social networking, texting and calls.

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7.6 Overall

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HTC is a company that's no stranger to great design, with iconic devices such as the Nexus One and the HD2 under its belt. The Wildfire S sticks firmly to HTC's 2011 design ethos, with a sleek, classy and appealing look, with curved edges that make the device sit kindly in your hand. There's even a little chin at the bottom of the Wildfire S, which brings back memories of the HTC Hero.

The casing of the device is plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap and nasty; instead, it gives you a nice, grippy feel — so don't think that you're going to drop this one easily. There are chrome accents around major features, such as the display, front speaker and rear camera (there's no front-facing camera), as well as the volume rocker and power button.

(Credit: Buzz Moody)

The screen is 3.2 inches in size, with a resolution of 320x480 (HVGA), which doesn't look too bad when you're holding the device a reasonable distance away from your overly attractive face. Colour reproduction is quite good, and it's nice and responsive when the CPU isn't bogged down.

The four capacitive buttons below the screen — in home, menu, back and search order — are placed a little bit too close to the screen for our liking, as we found ourselves accidentally hitting them instead of on-screen options near the bottom of the screen.

(Credit: Buzz Moody)

Getting the back cover off can be difficult if you're a nail biter, as you need to peel it off from the top. Be prepared to use a knife or similar object to open it up if you need to get to the battery, SIM card and/or microSD slot below the cover.

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