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The Good Nice design and construction. Excellent bundled accessories. Good UI and performance.

The Bad No defining performance characteristics. Camera is mostly good, but can over-saturate images. Battery gets hot after extended use.

The Bottom Line The Rhyme is another excellent release from HTC, and a win for anyone looking to avoid the little black boxes that most other manufacturers are releasing. The bundled speaker dock is definitely worth taking a look at, too.

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8.2 Overall


No, it's not a ladies phone, or so the folks at HTC repeatedly told us at the launch event for the Rhyme in Sydney. Sure, it's an adorable shade of Arctic Blue, and sure, it comes with an LED handbag charm, but what fashion-forward man doesn't want a blue phone and doesn't carry a man-bag (this reviewer is guilty on both counts)?

Optus in Australia will range the Rhyme in only the aforementioned blue, although there are other colours available overseas, and we find it to be quite a fetching hue. The battery cover is segmented into a trio of complementary shades, with the central colour wrapping around to the front of the phone and around its 3.7-inch Super-LCD display.

Weighing in at 130 grams, the Rhyme doesn't feel overly heavy (though it is a tad heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S II), and its 10.1mm thickness feels great in our hands — this is assisted by the materials used in the phone's construction.

The Rhyme supports micro-USB connections for charging and data transfers from a PC or a Mac, and comes with HTC Sync software for transferring music and videos from your computer — including iTunes playlists. HTC slips a microSD card slot in under the battery cover, and includes an 8GB memory card, giving you a total of 12GB of storage, including the phone's 4GB internal memory.

Dressed to impress

The Rhyme docked beside its handbag charm and protective pouch.
(Credit: CBSi)

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessories, and, along the same train of thought, HTC has bundled the Rhyme with possibly the best array of accessories we've seen. As part of the standard sales kit, the Rhyme ships with a bedside speaker dock, a protective pouch and a very handy handbag charm. This charm connects to your phone using the 3.5mm headphone socket. Once connected, the charm will light up whenever you receive a call or a new SMS message, so that even if your phone is buried at the bottom of your bag, you'll still know as soon as calls come in. The long cable on the charm also acts as a smartphone fishing line, doing away with the need to hunt around for your handset in your dark bag — you can just tug on the cable until your phone pops up.

The speaker dock is the big win for HTC customers here, though, and this is a really great inclusion. On the back of the handset is a small three-pin connector (just below the camera lens), which makes a connection once the phone is inserted into the dock. This automatically activates Dock Mode on the phone, giving you quick access to your phone's alarms and music player. The sound from the dock is decent for the purpose, making a great alarm clock or a decent personal speaker to listen to while working or studying.


HTC is claiming that the camera in the Rhyme is the best camera in an HTC phone to date, and this is saying a lot, considering the excellent photo quality that we've seen this year in the HTC Incredible S and the HTC Evo 3D, to name a few.

Don't be fooled by the fact that the Rhyme only shoots at a maximum resolution of 5 megapixels; focus instead on the backside illuminated image sensor, which should help snap pics under less-than-perfect lighting conditions. This is something we definitely noticed during our review period; the Rhyme does take decent photos in darker rooms, though it was the photos taken under natural light that really caught our eye.

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