HP 2159m review:

HP 2159m

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Typical Price: $499.00
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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good 16:9, full HD resolution.

The Bad HDMI overscans. Glossy screen. Overpriced.

The Bottom Line HP's 21.5-inch monitor is fairly average for its class — however, in the face of its limitations, the price doesn't add up.

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6.0 Overall

LCD monitors are slowly being released in the same widescreen ratios as widescreen TVs, which is great for the most part. This 21.5-inch HP 2159m monitor is an example of this trend, and even has a native resolution of 1920x1080; the same used by full HD televisions.

In practice, the wider aspect ratio means certain kinds of work become a little easier (for instance, working on two side-by-side documents) and the high resolution means that you can get more things on your screen at any given time if you don't mind squeezing a lot onto what isn't an overly huge monitor.

During our testing, we found that the panel could reproduce all the colours and shades of our DisplayMate tests. Out of the box the monitor pulls to the red quite a bit by default, and a little under its other presets. This wasn't as noticeable when the custom preset was set to its maximums, but by this point the display had become overly bright.

The panel is highly glossy, and you will be able to see your reflection (and the reflection of everything else around you) in dark areas of the image when in a lit room. This screen won't be at your eye line without the aid of phone books or encyclopedia volumes, as the stand does not extend vertically. On the flip side the stand does tilt quite far, the viewing angle is very good and the screen doesn't distort fine details such as text.

The only real technical frills are the ability to turn off the power LED, which you may not realise was distracting until you disable it.

While most of these limitations come down to taste and budget, there is a major technical flaw that should concern users who intend to connect their computer to this monitor through an HDMI cable. The HDMI input overscans by default, and cannot be overridden.

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