For its new dishwashers, GE says J-E-T-S

/ Updated: 12 October 2013, 4:53 am AEDT

GE claims a few industry firsts in its new line of dishwashers with an all-stainless interior. By virtue of GE's new 700 series wash system, these dishwashers are the first, says GE, with 102 distinct water jets. They're also the first with jets integrated directly into the upper rack for the purpose of washing bottles and other tall, narrow-necked vessels. Also noteworthy: GE is bringing those features to a unit that starts at $949.

The overall specs of GE's new two-rack dishwashers are typical for the price range. They all have the same 700 series wash system, which includes 102 jets (with 16 dedicated to bottle cleaning), and a trio of quad-blade, bi-directional rotors stacked inside. All but the highest-end Profile edition have four wash cycles and a 46 decibel rating, and a basic, hidden control display. Among other differences, the Profile model has a full color LCD control panel, more powerful heating system, a removable upper rack, and seven wash cycles. It also comes in at a less noisy 42 dB.

Tally up all of its extra features, and the Profile edition appears to include enough extras to justify its higher price. The middle of the this new product group is especially muddled. Other than its specially designed handle, it's hard to find any meaningful difference between the $1,149 Cafe model and the standard $1,049 GE GDT720SSFSS, which itself has only its stainless finish to differentiate it from the $949 base unit. The $949/$1049 models look compelling if you just want a high-end dishwasher. The Cafe model sits in a pretty awkward middle price position next to the Profile that costs just $150 more.

Compared with other brands, GE looks competitive on the top-end and bottom-end of these new units. Even the lower models have lower decibel ratings than similarly priced competitors. The 7.1 amp power draw in the non-Profile GE models occupies the bottom of the scale next to 9 amp models from Whirlpool and Electrolux, and 12 amp units from LG and Bosch. Those power ratings aren't necessarily a perfect corollary to washing capabilities, but if you like the idea of these 700 series washers, you should hope all those 102 jets spray efficiently enough to justify the cost, especially on the Profile model.

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  • Exterior Color stainless steel
  • Compliant Standards CEE Tier 1
  • Special Features 100+ Spray Jet Wash System
    3 wash arms
    two pumps system
    Calrod heater
    Energy Smart
    Piranha hard food disposer
    Tall Tub design
    automatic temperature control
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    silverware basket
  • Special Programs & Options AutoSense
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    TempBoost option
    Zone Wash option
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    steam prewash