FIFA 09 (N-Gage) review:

FIFA 09 (N-Gage)

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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Deep gameplay options including five game modes. Good performance and presentation. Replays and highlights.

The Bad Gameplay is sluggish. Controls on phone are awkward.

The Bottom Line Despite its good looks and wealth of game modes, FIFA 09 for the N-Gage plays too slowly to be a truly exciting football experience.

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6.0 Overall

Gaming behemoth EA Games has ported several of its popular gaming franchises to mobile platforms recently — most notably, releasing a trimmed down version of Spore for the iPhone and a Java version of Sims 2. Creating a mobile version of its FIFA 09 football simulator makes good business sense — the FIFA games have been huge hits on consoles for years — but does it make any sense to drop such a complex style of game onto a platform restricted by size, processing and limited controls?

Entering the game through the menus looks good, and the slick graphics are complemented by some sunny-sounding Latin pop music. FIFA 09 features five main game modes: exhibition matches are called Scenarios, pre-set mid-game challenges, a full season, custom made tournaments and penalty shoot-outs. Of course, all game modes lead to the pitch and to what we hoped would be some fast and furious football.

Stepping onto the park, the graphics look like PC game graphics from the mid-90s; all the characters are designed from a limited number of polygons, which makes the goalkeeper look like a hunchback from behind during goal kicks and the ref looks like a praying mantis as he hands out yellow cards with arms that end in pointy blades instead of hands. These aberrations aside, the graphics are definitely passable for a mobile phone game.

Playing FIFA 09 on a Nokia phone feels like playing a soccer game on the Sega Master System. Using a dual-sliding Nokia N96, we controlled the players with the five-way nav key and the two dedicated gaming keys under the top slide for passing and shooting. While new football games on the next-gen consoles use all eight buttons on the controllers, this two-button system is more than adequate.

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