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Engin OneHub ST790 review:

Engin oneHub ST790

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Typical Price: $249.00
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The Good Simple set-up for engin customers. Comes with handset. PSTN pass-through. Works with non-engin broadband.

The Bad Router is physically huge. Many router functions are locked down or obscure. Only two Ethernet ports. 802.11b/g only. Poor signal throughput.

The Bottom Line Engin's oneHub benefits from simplicity, but also suffers from it in comparison to other all-in-one router/VoIP solutions.

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5.9 Overall

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Engin's oneHub is a colossus amongst routers. Sure, there's an argument that a device that combines ADSL2+ modem, wireless router and cordless phone hub is going to need to take up some space, but the oneHub's actual hub is still pretty big by anyone's estimates.

When you first unpack the oneHub, a small set-up poster falls on your lap. It's to engin's credit that they do live up to the simplicity tag with this poster, especially if you're an engin ADSL2+ customer. You don't have to do much more than connect up the oneHub to your phone and ADSL2+ lines and power on the case. Engin will permit non-engin ADSL2+ customers to use the oneHub, although you'll have to do a touch of manual configuration via oneHub's web interface.

The actual modem/router is, as noted, large, with default lights for its functions running along the top. The rear houses a clipped in cover that goes over the unit's ports. Aside from phone and ADSL, you also get two 10/100 Ethernet ports, and rubber-sealed USB type A and B ports, which were non-functional on our review model.

Along with the router, engin also supplies a single wireless Thomson handset which connects wirelessly to the oneHub. Additional handsets may be purchased and synchronisation with the oneHub was, in our tests, immediate.

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