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Typical Price: $70.00
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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Low costGood quality soundEasy to use.

The Bad Relatively heavyAverage displayFlimsy buttons.

The Bottom Line Excellent sound quality, a competitive price and user friendly setup make the Doro 225 IPC a worthy choice.

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7.0 Overall

The 225IPC is a USB based VoIP telephone released by Swedish communications manufacturer Doro. Relatively unknown in Australia, Doro has released a range of products suitable for both business and home users. The Doro 225IPC is aimed at budget users who want a quick and simple way of jumping into the world of VoIP communications. When connected with VoIP software the 225IPC makes it possible to telephone comfortably through the Internet.

The 225IPC is a slim-line phone with a contoured surface available in several bright colours as well as standard black. The attached USB cable is long and has a standard curled wire. Buttons are well placed but had to be pressed quite firmly for a response. This can become rather tedious especially when dialing quickly -- incorrect dialing can become problematic.

Installation is relatively easy and works well with both Windows XP/2000 and Mac OS9/X. Other manufacturers have had compatibility issues with other platforms even if the VoIP software is working. This is especially true for Mac users. With the Doro we had no issues with either Windows or Mac OS.


At only AU$69.95 we were not expecting much from the 225IPC so it was no surprise that the phone's features are quite limited. At 140g the phone is relatively heavy given its lack of features. The small LCD with blue backlight is comparable with other phones on the market but in general is very poor. The phone's unattractive design is not helped by the cheap buttons which feel like they will wear out in less than a month's use. The phone sits well in the hand but the cable's length could be longer.

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