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Divoom Revo-3 review:

Divoom Revo-3

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Typical Price: $119.00
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The Good Inexpensive speakers. Simple remote control.

The Bad Ordinary build quality. Ordinary sound. Bass resets when the power does. Front panel not terribly indicative.

The Bottom Line Think of a line of inexpensive but unexciting PC speakers. Congratulations, you just envisaged the Revo-3.

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CNET Editors' Rating

7.4 Overall

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Divoom's Revo-3 speaker kit isn't that much of a looker. Two small vertically-oriented satellites and a larger subwoofer with a front LCD make up the entire system. The subwoofer is a weighty but plastic creature that doesn't do a whole lot but look cheap, especially when you look at the side and realise you can see directly into the circuit boards within. The speakers themselves have a black wood finish, but it's the cheap hollow MDF that we suspect won't age well.

The remote for the Revo-3 is very simple indeed, with controls for muting, volume and bass only. That doesn't give you a lot of control, but on the plus side you're unlikely to hit the wrong button, simply because there aren't that many of them.


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