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Dell Inspiron One 2320 review:

Dell Inspiron One 2320

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Typical Price: $1,399.00
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The Good Bundled peripherals are slightly above usual quality.

The Bad Touchscreen is infrared, which means multi-touch isn't as accurate as it could be. Keyboard/mouse receiver is not built in.

The Bottom Line We can't say that touch on the desktop has ever appealed to us — but as a simple all-in-one, the Inspiron One does just fine.

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7.0 Overall

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A refresh of the Inspiron 2300 series, we now have Sandy Bridge inside Dell's all-in-one touch PC. Propped up by a clear perspex stand it does little to stand out from other all-in-one PCs.

At 23 inches and with a resolution of 1920x1080, it's also rather thick at 68mm. It's rather surprising then to see the huge external power brick that comes with it — we would have thought externalising the power supply would have dropped the thickness significantly.

The big JBL sticker on the front hints that it may come with better sound than the norm, but sadly it's an unfulfilled promise; the speakers here aren't great, merely hitting the passable mark. Trebles in particular are too high, with cymbals sounding oddly compressed.

The touch technology used is infrared, meaning things can get a bit confused if you get more than two fingers in on the action. Sometimes it gets confused with even two, not understanding whether you're trying to rotate an image or resize it.

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