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Belkin Double N+ Wireless Router F6D6230au4 review:

Belkin Double N+ Wireless Router F6D6230au4

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Typical Price: $279.95
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The Good Decent 5GHz performance. . Simple set-up. . Gigabit Ethernet ports. . UPnP support. . BitTorrent support. . USB storage support.

The Bad 2.4GHz performance is ordinary. . Vertical orientation only. . Comparatively expensive.

The Bottom Line Belkin's latest router performs adequately, but not quite well enough to justify its asking price.

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7.8 Overall

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The Double N F6D6230au4 is housed in the same casing used for Belkin's previously reviewed N+ wireless router. That means you don't get the interesting visual display of the N1 Vision line of routers and instead get something that looks like it means business, full of flashing lights and severe black monolithic status. An embedded base on the router means there's only one way to mount the Double N, and that's vertically.


As the name suggests, the Double N router operates in a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) capacity, offering up two 802.11n networks at once. By default these are both entirely open and unsecured, but WPS is an option with security support up to WPA2.

The router supports the usual raft of QoS and NAT features you'd expect from a modern router, along with a few tweaks. A single USB port on the rear of the unit supports file sharing and UPnP, as well as opening up the router's simple BitTorrent capability. For those with an eye to mixed wired and wireless support, the four ports on the back are gigabit ready. The top blinking light set on the front acts as a download speed meter, although if you've got multiple clients using the router at once, the utility of this is questionable.


Setting up the Double N was simple enough, with very clearly marked sections within the router's web-based configuration utility for the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks. Sensibly, the sharing/UPnP/BitTorrent facilities won't operate until a compatible USB drive is connected. Belkin's web interfaces are generally adequate without being hugely novice-friendly and the Double N is no exception.

It's no secret that 802.11n has so far failed to live up to its lofty marketing claims in our real-world tests. Still, our current speed champion just happens to be this unit's direct predecessor, the N+ Wireless Storage Router, so our hopes were high for this unit's performance credentials.

Signal strength: 2.4GHz

Distance from router Belkin Double N Router F6D6230au4 Asus RT-N16 Asus RT-N13U iiNet BoB NetComm 3G18Wn Belkin N+ Wireless Storage Router
5m 71% 93% 87% 90% 83% 88%
15m (minor walls) 44% 62% 60% 55% 59% 63%
15m (multiple walls) 46% 65% 59% 54% 59% 62%

Signal strength was down compared to our top five 802.11n models, with a noticeable drop in reception once distance and obstacles were in the Double N's way.

Throughput: 2.4GHz

Distance between PCs Belkin Double N Router F6D6230au4 Asus RT-N16 Asus RT-N13U iiNet BoB NetComm 3G18Wn Belkin N+ Wireless Storage Router
2m, no barriers 17.36Mbps 29.75Mbps 25.63Mbps 21.5Mbps 27.6Mbps 31.75Mbps
20m, multiple walls 18.03Mbps 28.19Mbps 25.38Mbps 21.5Mbps 27.6Mbps 31.35Mbps

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