Asus U80V review:

Asus U80V

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Typical Price: $1,999.00
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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Backlit keyboard. Multi-touch touchpad. Excellent design.

The Bad Multi-touch pad still needs some work.

The Bottom Line The U80V is without question our favourite 14-inch laptop, and Asus deserves praise for what it has achieved here. If the company can overcome the final stumbling block of having a reliable multi-touch touchpad on PC, we'll be thoroughly impressed indeed.

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9.0 Overall


Coated in piano black, with extremely deep set, blue reflective particles and with trims of silver, the new Asus U series manages to evoke a sensation of stylishness right out of the box.

Opening to the inside, you'd swear you were presented with the PC equivalent of the MacBook. Chiclet-style keys, a backlit keyboard and a multi-touch touchpad with lights that follow the touch of your finger are the orders of the day. A single sensor on the left adjusts the brightness of the screen dynamically depending on the environment you're in, as well as auto-switching off the keyboard backlight when things get bright enough. Unlike the MacBook, the user has control over the brightness, able to set three different levels, or switch it off entirely.

The 14-inch glossy, 1366x768 screen is attached to a circular hinge, meaning no ports are on the back — only the front and sides. An air vent sits on the left-hand side, meaning left handed external mouse users may feel a warm breeze during use.


The multi-touch touchpad is one of the best we've used on the PC, but still doesn't come close to the slickness and reliability of the Apple equivalent. Just like the Apple, dragging two fingers up, down, left or right scrolls the screen; pinching the fingers zooms in and out; and holding down one finger and moving another in a semi-circle motion rotates images. Where it differs is in the tapping — by default tapping with three fingers acts as a right mouse button, while tapping with two produces a middle click. Swiping three fingers down quickly opens the task manager, tapping three fingers then double tapping with the third opens a magnifier, and swiping left or right with three fingers will function as page up or page down.

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