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2013 Dodge Dart review:

Dodge Dart is back, more economical than ever

Proactive traffic
One feature I particularly liked is that the navigation system announced traffic problems on the road ahead even when I did not have a destination programmed. Dodge integrated Sirius Travel Link with the system, making such information as weather, gas prices, and even movie times available on screen, something not often found on compact cars. I was able to look at a list of gas stations and their per-gallon prices, select one, and set it as my destination.

A button on the steering wheel marked VR activated voice command, with control over navigation and some audio features. For destinations, this system let me speak the entire address string, which it parsed correctly then entered into navigation.

2013 Dodge Dart

Dodge implements Sirius Travel Link in the Dart, so drivers can look for the cheapest nearby gas stations.

Josh Miller/CNET

As well as the voice command worked, I was disappointed to see that Dodge implemented a separate voice command system for the Bluetooth phone system, complete with its own button on the steering wheel. This button, marked by a phone symbol, let me tell the car to call anyone in my paired phone's contact list by name. The Dart also included a screen with complete phone book access.

The audio screens were also nicely designed and easy to use. With just about any stored music device plugged into the car's USB port, the screen showed album art for the current track. I found it easy to browse the music library of my iPhone when I had it cabled to the car, but after choosing an album to play, the system arranged the songs alphabetically rather than by track number. That was annoying, and would be especially bad for listening to classical music.

The stereo supported Bluetooth streaming as well, but did not show track information on the screen.

Following an old Chrysler design theme, the Dart has buttons for volume control and track selection embedded on the backs of the steering-wheel spokes, making them invisible to passengers. While I quickly learned how to use these buttons by feel, I found myself accidentally hitting the track skip button while cranking the steering wheel hard around. It was annoying.

Dodge makes a nine-speaker Alpine audio system available for the Dart, but CNET's car came with the standard six-speaker system. However, I was very pleased with the music reproduction, which showed more quality than I would expect in a typical compact car. Bass was not very strong, but the music came through with excellent definition. Highs occasionally sounded kind of metallic, which was unpleasant.

Not the most techie trim
One feature of Dodge's new Dart not available on the Rallye trim car is an LCD instrument cluster. It offers excellent versatility, able to show a variety of driver-selectable information. This feature can only be had on the Limited or R/T trim cars.

2013 Dodge Dart

In Rallye trim, the Dart gets analog gauges, while an LCD instrument panel is available at higher trims.

Josh Miller/CNET

In the very competitive compact car set, the 2013 Dodge Dart represents some good value propositions. Both it and the Ford Focus gain a lot of influence from European automotive design, including a very well-engineered suspension.

When it comes to the Dart's drivetrain options, it is easy to become confused. A simple axiom would be to get the manual transmission with the turbo engine, or the automatic transmission with the standard 2-liter engine. The R/T model promises a 2.4-liter engine, which will probably take a fuel economy hit versus the other engines.

The cabin electronics in the Dart are ambitious, but generally very feature-rich and easy to use. The big touch screen can be had sans the navigation system, reserving all of that space for the stereo and phone system, preserving the aesthetic theme implemented by Dodge.

Tech specs
Model2013 Dodge Dart
Power trainTurbocharged 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine, six-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission
EPA fuel economy27 mpg city/37 mpg highway
Observed fuel economy30.8 mpg
NavigationOptional flash-memory-based system with integrated traffic
Bluetooth phone supportOptional with contact list integration
Digital audio sourcesBluetooth streaming, iPod integration, USB drive, SD card, Satellite radio
Audio systemAlpine nine-speaker 506-watt system
Driver aidsRearview camera
Base price$17,995
Price as tested$24,460

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