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Heartbeats by Lady Gaga

The Heartbeats by Lady Gaga headphones are funky to the core with their textured triangular earpieces and flat, ribbon-like cable. Add to that the heart logos designating the channels of each earbud and the custom Lady Gaga signature at the Y connection and you have one of the most unique pairs of headphones on the market. Just don't expect the to be comfortable.

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Ruffian Skull Earphones

The picture here says it all. The Ruffian Skull Earphones are metal to the core, right down to the solid steel construction. There's also a braided, two-tone wire that adds to the rugged and durable look. If you're trying to scare off onlookers, these are the earbuds for you.

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Fredflare Ear Buds

On the more cutesy end of the scale you have the Fredflare Ear Buds. These inexpensive earbuds are available in a variety of permutations, including panda bears, pigs, and duckies. These earphones say you've got a fun personality and you aren't afraid to show it off with your gadgets.

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Solid Alliance earbuds

For the foodies and general weirdos out there, Solid Alliance makes chunky looking earbuds with a variety of foodstuffs and other items (such as bolts) stuck onto the ends. These 'phones come in a choice of bananas, sushi rolls, and cat paws and they won't break the bank at around $22.

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iBlink Earbuds

The iBlink earbuds may not look all that special in photos, but get these into a dark room and their strange appeal becomes immediately apparent. These suckers glow and flash to the beat of the music, which is sure to make you stand out when the lights flicker out on the subway. Also not a bad idea for night jogging, and at under $20, you won't have to drop much cash to acquire them.

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