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Steal from the periodicals

The simplest of all fixes comes from the office. Grab a magazine holder from an office supply store and stash your hair appliances in it. They come in a variety of colors and designs, so you'll be able to find one that doesn't clash with your bathroom decor.

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET

Build a shelf

On a budget? Don't worry. This organizing shelf doesn't take much more than a couple of boards, three soda tabs and a plastic cup to make. It's truly a story of making trash into organizational treasure.

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET

Hang out with hooks

This is the same concept as the last, just simpler. Buy a pack of large cup hooks at your local home improvements store and add a line of them to the inside of your vanity door. Wrap the cords of your appliances and secure the cords with a hair tie and hang each one on a hook. Having your hair supplies out of sight lets your groovy wall paper take the spotlight.

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET

​Find a new use for a shower caddy

Here is another idea for using the inside of your vanity door for storage. Hang a shower caddy on the door with a screw and you'll have room for organizing more than just your hair appliances. Every girl needs another place to stash her makeup, right?

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET

​Hang a door basket

If you want to hide your hair appliances away and maximize every inch of space in a small bathroom, this tip's for you. Buy a small basket at your local dollar store, use two small screws to attach it to the inside of your vanity door and fill it with your hair appliances. It's storage on the down-low.

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET

Use your towel rack

No need to go out and buy storage supplies! Using your towel rack as a storage place for your straighteners and curling irons is a great idea for two reasons. First, it moves your straighteners to the wall, leaving you more counter space. Second, it gives you a good spot for your appliances to cool, away from little hands that may get burned. Just make sure to keep hot irons a few inches away from your towels.

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET

Reuse candle jars

Once you're done with your three-wick candles after an extremely long bubble bath, don't throw away the jars. Heat them in the microwave for two minutes to melt the leftover wax. Dump the wax and wipe the jars clean with some paper towels. Then, use them to hold your curling irons and straighteners in a very chic way.

Photo by: Alina Bradford/CNET


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