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Getting a handle on the S6000

BARCELONA, Spain--During Mobile World Congress, Lenovo announced the S6000, a 10.1-inch Android Jelly Bean tablet that's HSPA+ enabled and powered by a quad-core processor.

Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Get ready for your closeup

The S6000's rear camera is mounted on one of the tablet's longer edges (think landscape orientation).
Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Ports ahoy

The S6000 includes a Micro-HDMI port for video output.
Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Under the hood

The S6000 is packing a 1.2 GHz quad-core MediaTek 8389/8125 processor.
Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Thin is in

The S6000 is 8.6mm (0.3385 inch) thick. That's a tad thinner than the iPad is (9.4mm, or 0.37 inch).
Photo by: Lynn La/CNET

Cellular ready

Some versions of the S6000 will ship cellular ready, with onboard HSPA+ wireless. Dubbed "Lenovo Mobile Access," the tablets will allow broadband connectivity out of the box for a limited time. Thereafter, consumers will be asked to sign on to a participating wireless provider.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

A little more than a pound (or half a kilo)

The Lenovo S6000 weighs 560g (1.2346 pounds). Not bad when you compare it to the 1.45-pound fourth-gen iPad (with a slightly smaller screen) and 1.33-pound Google Nexus 10.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

Coming second quarter 2013

See our full coverage of the Lenovo S6000.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET


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