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The Ultimate Ears 10vi Noise Isolating Earphones are a slight variation on the UE 10 Pro. The 10vi headphones offer the same spectacular sound quality and gigantic earbuds found across the line.
Other handy features include a nice, hard-sided metal carrying case; several varieties of eartips, including the super-comfy foam variety; an extender cable; a quarter-inch adapter; and an airplane adapter cable.
Be forewarned, though: the ear pieces are truly huge and will not fit all users. The Ultimate Ears 10 earphones have the largest ear pieces we've ever seen on an earbud. Each one measures an inch long and about half an inch wide, making them nearly twice as large as those found on the Shure SE530.
Assuming you can get a proper fit, the 10 earphones will reward you with some stellar sound quality. This is thanks to the multitude of teeny, tiny tech Ultimate Ears has crammed into each earpiece. There are dual-balanced armatures for the low- and mid-range frequencies and a single precision-balanced armature for high frequencies. An integrated passive crossover connects each one to the individual speakers dedicated to each frequency. In layman's terms, this means you get tight, thumping bass; rich, encompassing mids; excellent detail; and sparkling highs.


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