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"Westworld" was one of the TV shows debuting in 2016 that tackles our fantasies and anxieties around technology.

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'Silicon Valley'

"Silicon Valley" satirises the absurd world of the US technology heartland.

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'Black Mirror'

"Black Mirror" presents a bleak view of the way technology can bring out the worst in us.

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'Mr Robot'

The award-winning "Mr. Robot" asks questions about surveillance and hacking.

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"StartUp" blurs the line between disruption and crime in a steamy story of Miami criminals backing a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency.

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'Star Trek'

The original "Star Trek" series addressed the 1960s zeitgeist as the space race influenced politics and science, as well as popular culture.

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'Pirates of Silicon Valley'

"Pirates of Silicon Valley" was a rare example of a fictional take on tech, recounting the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

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'The Social Network'

Today's wave of tech TV and movies began in 2010 with the Oscar-winning film "The Social Network".

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'The Internship'

In 2013, Google was heavily involved in the terrible comedy "The Internship".

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'Steve Jobs'

Michael Fassbender played the Apple founder in one of several films to dramatise his story.

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'Halt and Catch Fire'

"Halt and Catch Fire" dramatises the history of the nascent 1980s computer industry.

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'Silicon Cowboys'

"Halt and Catch Fire" was partially inspired by the true story of Compaq, told in the 2016 documentary "Silicon Cowboys".

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Hacking drama "Scorpion" tackled cyberthreats.

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'Pure Genius'

"Pure Genius" suggests a Silicon Valley billionaire could use disruptive tactics and vast wealth to literally save lives.

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Like "Pure Genius", Fox's forthcoming show "APB" sees a wealthy and disruptive tech genius take over a public system, in this case the police.

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'Person of Interest'

For five seasons, "Person of Interest" featured an artificial intelligence that could predict crime.

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'CSI: Cyber'

The famous CSI franchise tackled cybercrime in the (short-lived) 2016 series "CSI: Cyber".

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'Blade Runner'

Was he a replicant? And does it matter? "Blade Runner" was a seminal look at artificial intelligence, and it's as relevant as ever...

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'Blade Runner 2049'

...which is probably why 2016 saw a sequel finally going into production.

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UK show "Humans" also tackled the morality of humans and almost-humans.

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"Spectre" saw James Bond taking on mass surveillance, a topic tackled by several recent big-screen blockbusters.

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'Why Him?'

Once, James Franco's obnoxious celebrity character might have been a rock star or movie star, but in the 2016 movie "Why Him?" he's a tech millionaire.

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Disney's "Bizaardvark" follows the stars of a fictional YouTube-style service called Vuuugle, reflecting the way online video sensations like PewDiePie and Smosh have become the pop stars of the digital generation.

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"Atlanta" isn't a show about technology, but the characters can often be found with their heads in their phones. A whole episode revolves around a Twitter spat.

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'The Circle'

Technology will continue to loom large on our screens in 2017 with movies and TV shows including "The Circle", a chilling warning about the dark side of tech.

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