Razer's Tron Legacy gaming mouse and keyboard

Razer's high-accuracy gaming mice and programmable keyboards seem like a good fit for the Tron set; this lit-up kit should at least offer some legitimate quality to go with its looks. Prices range from $79 to $139.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Monster Tron iPod Dock

Shaped like a giant neon discus, Monster's iPod dock should be perfect for the person who wants their music cloaked in a glowing halo.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Tron action figures

Priced from $15 to $40, these 7- and 12-inch action figures from Tron Legacy are disturbing to behold in person. "Impulse projection technology" projects LED animation inside the character helmets, creating an eerie, filmic quality.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Tron game controllers (Xbox 360, Wii)

Of course, there had to be glowing Tron game controllers, didn't there? At $49.99 each, the PDP-made controllers will cover PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii users alike. There's something about the Tronified Wii-mote that seems perfect.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Monster Tron T1 headphones

Monster's over-the-ear gaming headphones aren't cheap at $349, but they should offer some decent punch, as long as you don't mind your ears glowing.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Tron Zero Gravity Light Cycle

We were surprised to watch this RC vehicle successfully drive up a wall thanks to Air Hogs vacuum technology. The vehicles can also battle each other. At $34.99, these could make excellent geek stocking stuffers.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Light cycles

A close look at a few of the Tron Legacy light cycle toys.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET

Action figure lineup

Without their faces lit up, the Tron Legacy action figures have an ominous cyborg look.
Photo by: Scott Stein/CNET
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