Toshiba hauled a bedraggled collection of journalists out to an event in London recently, to unveil two new laptops sporting Intel's trendy new Consumer Ultra Low Voltage processors. And feed them canapes.

The T110 and T130, which sport 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch screens respectively, should retail from somewhere in the region of £430. Both will feature the same 1,366x768-pixel resolution, HDMI video outputs, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Windows 7 and six-cell batteries that last a claimed 11 hours.

That long battery life should come in handy, as both machines have 'Sleep-and-Charge' technology, which lets you recharge iPods, smart phones and other such malarkey via USB without having to boot into Windows. Arguably the coolest feature, however, is the bundled face-recognition software, which uses the 1.3-megapixel webcams to authenticate users' faces for secure logins.

The T110 and T130 are are incredibly svelte, measuring 22mm at their thickest points, and tip the scales at 1.6kg and 1.76kg respectively. The T110 is available in black or metallic red, while the T130 comes in black, metallic red or white. Both machines will be available in time for the Windows 7 launch on 22 October.

Want a closer look? Have a gander at some of the pics in our photo gallery.

Here's the 'Iron Red Metallic' T130, lookin' all shiny and red and stuff. Down the left side you'll find a D-Sub VGA and HDMI video output ports, plus one of three sleep-and-charge USB ports.
And here's the black T110 from the same angle. Both machines have multi-touch gesture-sensitive mouse trackpads.
Finally, here's the T130 again, just laying back, chillin'. Down the right, it gets a memory card reader, audio output ports, two additional USBs and Ethernet.


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