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If you're seeking a laptop to watch your 3D movies on, but don't want to wear any ridiculous glasses, check out the new Toshiba Qosmio F750-10Q. It's a powerful, 15.6-inch laptop that embraces the glorious world of glasses-free 3D.

The F750-10Q has a bold appearance -- its deep red shell and the carbon-fibre effects on the interior scream machismo. It also feels strong enough to survive the bar-room brawl it so desperately wants to start.

This machine has some pretty powerful muscles under the hood. Chief among them are a 2GHz, quad-core Intel Core i7-2630QM processor, 6GB of RAM, and a meaty Nvidia GeForce GT 540M GPU.

The F750-10Q reveals its main party piece when you slide a 3D Blu-ray disc into it. You can then sit back and ogle all three wonderful dimensions without putting on 3D specs.

The F750-10Q uses a webcam to track your eyes' position, allowing it to feed slightly different images to each eyeball, creating the 3D effect. This system also allows the laptop to show both 2D and 3D images simultaneously on the screen, so you can work on an email in one window, and watch 3D content in another.

During our brief hands-on session, we found the 3D effect worked quite well, but the eye-tracking system means only one person can see 3D content at a time. It also requires you to sit fairly rigidly in front of the screen -- don't expect to lie down in bed to watch a 3D movie, because you won't get the proper effect.

The F750-10Q promises to be a decent performer when it comes to watching 3D movies and playing 3D games. It can be yours for around £1,300 when it launches in August.

Check out our full preview and keep your eyes peeled for an in-depth review in the imminent future. Also, check out the promo video below from Toshiba.

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The bright red lid looks similar to that of Ferrari-branded laptops we've seen before.
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They keys aren't of the isolated variety, but they're pleasing to type on.
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The Qosmio F750-10Q is being expertly held here. You can hold it too if you buy one.
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The black and red colour scheme looks menacing.
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Doesn't that red lid gleam charmingly in the sunlight?
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You'll need a big bag and strong spine if you're going to carry this machine around.
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The speakers are made by Harman Kardon. They're not great, but they're better than most laptop speakers.
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