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We've just gotten our first glimpse of the Toshiba K01, a Qwerty slider phone with a massive 100mm (4.1-inch) screen. The phone is still under glass at Mobile World Congress, but Toshiba is tempting us with a 1GHz processor and HSPA connectivity.

The K01 runs Windows Mobile 6.5, which felt rather dated even before today's launch of Windows Phone 7 Series. But if you're in the market for pure screen real estate, click 'Continue' to check out the curves.

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If bigger is better, the Qwerty keyboard tucked underneath the K01's massive screen will be the best ever -- so stay tuned for our full review to find out.
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Windows Mobile 6.5 sports a fresh skin on the K01, but in our experience the small, dated icons lurk just beneath the surface.
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We saw a non-working sample of the K01, and there's no doubt that it's a beast when you hold it in your hand.
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