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​Make cut flowers last longer

​Give your silver a shine

​Get your fridge fresh

​Sprinkle on tinkles

​De-funk the dishwasher

​Unclog a drain

​Make cleaning your microwave a breeze

​Soak up car messes

​Remove crayon from walls

​Make laundry sparkling

Bouquets typically last only a few days, but you can make them last a day or two longer by sprinkling 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt into the vase when filling it with water. The mixture feeds the flowers, keeping them fresher, longer.

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Has your best ring lost its sheen? With just some aluminum foil, dish detergent and some baking soda you can remove tarnish from silverware and jewelry. Here's the recipe for making silver polish with baking soda.

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You've probably seen the commercials that recommend putting an open box of baking soda into your fridge to absorb odors. It's true! Here's why baking soda works and why your fridge probably stinks in the first place.

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If burning your bed isn't an option after your pet sprays the mattress, don't give up hope. Baking soda will work when nothing else will to get rid of that awful smell.

Clean up where your pet sprayed, let the area dry, then sprinkle the mattress with a liberal amount of baking soda. You can sleep on the mattress while the baking soda goes to work by covering your mattress with a fitted sheet. Let the baking soda sit for around three days and then vacuum it up. Your mattress will smell fresh and clean again.

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If your dishwasher is a bit rank, sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the washer, let it sit overnight and then run a normal load while the dishwasher is empty. It'll smell like new again. Here are some more dishwasher cleaning tips.

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Most people don't have a bottle of drain cleaner laying around in case of emergency, but that's OK because you can make your own. Pour 4 ounces of baking soda in the drain followed by half a cup of distilled vinegar. Plug the drain and let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes. While you're waiting, follow these directions to finish unclogging the drain.

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If your microwave looks like a hotel room after a rock band stayed the night, then you need a little baking soda magic. Put a heaping tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl of water. Place the bowl inside of your microwave on high for 3 minutes. The gunk stuck inside of the microwave should just wipe off.

Bonus tip: Add a slice of lemon or some lemon juice to the water before you nuke it to make your microwave smell great, too.

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Don't you wish they made diapers for cars? Until that happens, you can soak up oil and grease puddles in your garage using baking soda. Cover the spot with a liberal amount of baking soda, let it sit for around 10 minutes and scrub the area with a damp brush.

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If the budding artist in your family decided to turn your walls into canvas, don't ground them for life. Instead, sprinkle some baking soda on a damp sponge and rub it on the crayon masterpiece. Once the drawing has faded away, rinse the area with a clean, damp rag.

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If you're out of laundry soap, just reach for some baking soda. It works just as well as commercial soaps and is gentle on skin.

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