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Tell it to the shoe

Brogue phone on the hoof

Classic heels get calling capability

Dialing on a Welly

These phones have sole

Nike Air phone for fast dialing

U.K. company, O2 Recycle, which buys used gadgets, handed some of its purchased phones over to British designer Sean Miles. Miles embedded the handsets into four pairs of classic shoes, including this brown brogue. You might not want to wear them, since each pair is valued at about $4,000.
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The Walkie Talkies line of phone shoes are both wearable and fully functional. The handsets used may be out of date, but they work. The keypads are incorporated into the sole of the shoe. Four different pairs of shoes and boots were created to highlight a gadget-recycling campaign by U.K. company O2 Recycle.
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Christian Louboutin's fancy high heels are known for their iconic red-lacquered soles. Designer Sean Miles changed things up a bit by working a functional phone into the sole as part of a series of shoe phones called Walkie Talkies. You might not want to actually wear these, since the phone's screen could easily get scuffed up.
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If it's wet and mucky outside, it's a perfect time to put on some Wellington boots and go play in the puddles. Just take care if you own a $4,000 pair of Walkie Talkies Wellies. The Welliephone has a recycled cell phone in the sole. It's part of a publicity project by O2 Recycle, a U.K. company that buys used gadgets.
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Walkie Talkies consists of four pairs of classic shoes with recycled cell phones in the soles. The phones all work just fine. While each pair is valued at $4,000, visitors to a March exhibit of the fashion phones will have an opportunity to win a pair. The exhibit sponsored by U.K. company O2 Recycle will encourage consumers to recycle their old gadgets.
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The Nike Air is a classic old-school running shoe. Designer Sean Miles added a recycled cell phone to the bottom of one shoe in the pair. The keypad is activated by pushing on the sole. Miles' collaboration with gadget-buy-back company O2 Recycle will soon expand into the realms of handbags and gloves with phones embedded in them.
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