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It was clear almost from the beginning that Donald Trump's presidential campaign had the potential to be one of the greatest meme-generating machines of all time. During the course of the campaign, the design community at has been running election- and Trump-themed design contests with hilarious results.

One contest asked participants to imagine Donald Trump in a famous horror movie scene. The most popular choice put The Donald into "The Shining." Nobody is saying that Trump has lost his mind in an empty hotel, but mainstream Republicans certainly might relate to the idea of a stranger running around and wreaking havoc in their party.

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What if Donald Trump modeled for stock photos? Another DesignCrowd contest asked that exact question and yielded some inspired results, like this winning entry that simultaneously captures the essence of both Trump and the stock photo genre.

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What's creepier than grim-faced kids in works of classic art? Trump-faced kids in works of classic art, courtesy of this DesignCrowd contest.

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Will Hillary ride to the White House on "Blue Steel" or will it be Trump's "Red Fury" that goes the distance? Either way, this casting probably would have helped the box office sales for the sequel to "Zoolander."

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Perhaps the most brilliant Trump-inspired design contest asked designers to imagine a world where politicians choose to adopt his signature hairstyle. Meet the contest winner, Kim Jong Don.

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What does it say that Trump actually looks pretty distinguished as an older woman? I'm sure Trump himself would abandon all political correctness if asked to offer his opinion, but we'll just file it under "things that make you go huh..."

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When designers were asked to actually imagine a Trump presidency, this revealing moment won the contest. Jesse Ventura would approve.

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Some of the best Trump memes from the DesignCrowd community imagine Trump as a popular movie character. While memes offer plenty of opportunity to have a little fun at The Donald's expense, it seems only fair to share one that might actually reflect how Trump sees himself.

For many more professionally photoshopped takes on the world of Trump, check out this collection from the DesignCrowd archives.

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