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Giant tub of Laffy Taffy

Go, go, Goonies

Compression socks

Toilet replacement gift card

Rest on a plush candy pillow

Ring in Amazon Prime Day

Unicorn pogo jumper

Look like a real chef

My Little Pony costume hoodie

Doggie paw plunger

Amazon's Prime Day sale has plenty of products to keep tech geeks busy buying, but it also includes deals on candy, "Goonies" photos and unicorn pogo toys.

The sale offers discounts of 20 percent on subscribe-and-save for certain Wonka-branded candy products. One of those is a massive tub of 145 pieces of banana-flavored Laffy Taffy. Amazon helpfully suggests that most people have their recurring orders filled every two months. You would have to plan on eating a lot of banana-flavored Laffy Taffy to meet that time schedule.

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Your "Goonies" fan dreams are about to come true with Amazon's Prime Day sale on an authenticated signed cast photo. Clutch it to your heart knowing Sean Astin, Jonathan Ke Quan and Corey Feldman personally touched it while writing their names on it. It's one of many limited-time lightning deals available during the one-day fiesta of bargains.

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The Amazon Prime Day sale on Fytto compression socks fizzled out with only 31 percent of the on-sale stock claimed by buyers. The socks didn't fare nearly as well as hot electronics like the Fire TV Stick.

If you did buy a pair of these, please, for the love of all that is fashionable, don't wear them with shorts and sandals.

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Is your toilet getting a little past its prime? Time to take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day sale and hire a service professional through the online retailer to change out your loo. You will need to provide a replacement toilet on your own.

The estimated price for my New Mexico ZIP code is $125 for the toilet change. If I were to hire the plumber through Amazon Home Services during the Prime sale, I would get a $30 gift card for my purchase.

Caption by / Photo by Amanda Kooser/CNET

You need somewhere to rest your head while you're chowing down on your giant tub of banana-flavored Laffy Taffy. Thanks to Amazon's Prime Day sale, you can opt for this pillow in the shape of a roll of Smarties at a price that's -- well, what is reasonable for a branded candy pillow?

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Nothing says "I love you" like buying a discounted engagement ring during Amazon Prime Day. This 10-karat white gold and lab-made diamond ring is one of Amazon's special deals during its 20th birthday celebration. Your loved one doesn't have to know you got it for cheap during an online sale, unless your loved one also shops Amazon.

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I'll bet you didn't know you needed a Kidoozie Unicorn Foam Pogo Jumper, but it's staring you in the face during Amazon's big Prime Day sale. The good news is that it supports up to 250 pounds. Thanks to Amazon's sale, fantasy-loving people everywhere can realize the dream of owning a unicorn, and bouncing on it.

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This classic chef's hat is one of Amazon's lightning deals for its Prime Day sale celebration. The hat goes for $3.93, though it will probably be sold out at that price by the time you read this. The regular price is just $4.63, but any savings is good. It's just one of the more unusual items to pop up on sale during Prime Day.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Amazon Prime Day isn't just about digital devices. This My Little Pony Pinky Pie Hoodie is also on the sale list. It even features a tail decoration on the back. Unfortunately for adult Bronies and cosplayers, it only comes in kid sizes. Still, friendship is magic, even when it's on sale.

Caption by / Photo by Amazon

Combing through Amazon's Prime Day deals reveals some products you never knew existed. One of those is the Paw Plunger. It looks like a travel mug, but it's actually a dog-paw-cleaning device. You stick your pup's foot down into the soft bristles to brush off the dirt. (Add that to the list gadgets!)  It's listed as an upcoming lightning deal, so the amount of the Prime Day sale discount isn't known yet.

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