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Available for pre-order now, the August Smart Keypad is a new accessory for one of our favorite smart locks. Click through to see what it does.

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The main appeal here is that the keypad allows you to let people in regardless of whether or not they have a compatible smart phone. Before, they needed to own an Android or iOS device and download the app before you could grant them a digital key. Now, you can just program a code for them.

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Those codes can be user-specific, they can be permanent, or they can be one-time use only. You can also set limits on when each code will work.

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The keypad mounts wherever you like outside of your home, and connects to the lock via Bluetooth. It's designed to take up as little space as possible.

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The August Smart Keypad is up for pre-order now at a price of $80 (£50/AU$110, converted roughly). It's expected to ship out in the US within the next four to eight weeks. August tells us that UK and Australian sales are coming a little further down the line.

Caption by / Photo by August
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